Things I Figured Out While I Was Walking The Dog

Sometimes It Rains

Sometimes It Rains

            Even your best laid plans sometimes fall apart. That blue sky will suddenly have a big black cloud in it. This is of course a problem for the dog, who has waited for this moment and intends to fully sniff all his favorite spots. This is usually where a gentle reminder about right now and my sneaker and his posterior comes into play. Unfortunately, that little voice, that five minutes before the walk strongly suggested taking an umbrella, was forgotten in the last minute details and general doggy excitement about said walk. So, here you are ten minutes from home, at best, and about to get soaked.

            Alright, time for some more metaphoric analogy. So, as in your basic “wet dog walk”, your life sometimes gets these dark clouds too. Life, like that rain cloud that you’re trying to outrun, sometimes allows you to dodge “the bullet”, if you see trouble ahead. Sometimes you get distracted though and forget your “umbrella”. Getting distracted is a huge “oops” that makes us forget to do many things and can cause the occasional “accident”. Please feel free to insert your own metaphors here. This is that moment where the financial planning guy at the seminar flips the chart to the motto about no one planning to fail, but just failing to plan. Yes, yes, wise words, but when you’re at the end of the proverbial dog leash, well, let’s just say, walk a few in my shoes… or better yet, a few on the soles of your own.

            Sometimes, when it rains it really pours. Sometimes, it is so heavy that you just want to stop and look up at the sky and shout: “Really?” Yes, it is not fun and lest you smile at the thought of a dog and his owner sopping wet, soaked to the skin, remember, it could be you down the road and then you won’t be laughing. So, be nice, we all get “soaked” at some point. Now obviously, some people don’t look up and check the sky or bother with the local forecast. Yes, you could say that statistically they are indeed improving their odds of getting “soaked”. Here’s the point: Remember to check ahead, get your information, try as much as possible not to be distracted, God knows that life is full of distractions. If you use good judgment and apply basic knowledge to your “dog walk”, you are less likely to get “soaked”.

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