Things I Figured Out While I Was Walking The Dog

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Other Thoughts While Looking Around

            Sometimes when I am walking the dog, we come across ducks. We have Muscovy ducks in South Florida, not particularly the prettiest, but that after all is in the eye of the beholder. As my mind wanders, sometimes I wonder if they are bad people who karmically didn’t make the grade and were punished by coming back as ducks. The question is what qualifies as “bad enough” for that; and if it is only so bad, then what about cockroaches? 

            Okay, I know at this point that a few of you are turning over the possibility that someone with whom you are acquainted falls in the duck or roach category. It is an interesting thought. It makes us feel better about mean, rotten folks that try as you might; sometimes you wish would fall down a deep dark hole in the ground. I believe that life has a way of handling those few truly rotten stinkers. You need not feel bad, most of us feel this way; just leave it to the “universe” to sort it out. It truly isn’t our place to question it or intervene; just walk away and smile as you think of them scurrying about in the dirt in their next life.


            Sometime ago, I received a call from a group asking a lot of unusual survey questions. I won’t trouble you with all of the questions, although they did seem political in nature. The one particular question that I’ll mention was: “Do you believe that there are angels all around us?”

I replied: “Absolutely.”, and the young woman who had called me, couldn’t help herself, and she responded; “I know, me too!”

            Now, possibly some of you wonder, “Did she mean it?”  Do I actually believe that right now there are angels at street corners and stores and maybe reading over your shoulder? Well, I don’t know, but I think so. They say that nothing in the universe is ever lost, it just changes form, molecule by molecule, atom by atom. So maybe Einstein is helping a physicist, and maybe Dumas is helping someone write a book, and possibly Debussy is helping someone compose a smash hit. Maybe your mom, aunt or grandma is helping remind a child how to tie their shoes. Nice thoughts, is it true? We’ll have to wait to find out.

            I will say this about that though. Okay, I’m going to pull out my soap box, just for a little minute, I promise. I truly believe that there is more. I just don’t believe that there is any one organized religion that has it right. Now, wait a second, hear me out. We use a fraction of our brains in this four dimensional world. Physicists have already proven, yes, it is an empirically proven, through the String/ M-theory that there are ten dimensions plus time. So, is it that hard to believe that what we see and believe in our limited dimensional space may not truly take in the bigger picture?

            We have been fighting for millenniums over this bigger picture and of course over land holdings and other ill-gotten gains. How silly, we all miss it. Someday, when I die and I see all my friends, family and pets again, I will find out, as will you, the “bigger, more wonderful picture.”

            So, some of you ask, how do I know that there is anything at all? I know, I accidentally witnessed a tiny oops many years ago. Okay, I’ll tell you, but this is between us. It was late, maybe 1:30am and I was at my dining room table with stacks of files from work. My sales partner had recently left, and I was holding down two territories, good commissions, but I had dark circles under my eyes. Now, around this time, my mother-in-law, who I really loved, was going downhill with cancer. She had been okay for a while, so she really wasn’t a topic of conversation that week. All of a sudden, I hear her voice in our bedroom across the living room say “I love you.” Now, this is an impossibility, since we lived eighteen hundred miles away from where she was living. So, basically, her spirit is here saying good-bye to my husband. Okay, so this all happens in less than two seconds, and I couldn’t help it, I said: “I love you Mom.” All of a sudden this pink light flies across the living room and wraps itself around me. I totally froze for a second and then I tried to relax, I didn’t want her to think that she had scared me. Anyway, some of you are probably thinking that I needed sanitarium time from overwork, but, hold on, because there is more. The next morning, I mention this to my husband, who definitely doesn’t buy in to any of this. I suggest that maybe he should call and check on how his mom is doing. He doesn’t listen. Meanwhile, my sister-in-law isn’t getting an answer when she calls her parent’s house. Three days later we find out that the day before I had my moment with their mom, their dad had put her in hospice. She died two and a half days after our moment with her. It’s a nice thought to think that when someone you love is dying, that maybe the powers that be pull them out and spare them the end. It’s a really nice thought to think that they get to go say good-bye to everybody while they are sleeping. I just screwed things up by being up in the middle of the night. Somebody probably got in a lot of trouble for my “moment”. I sure hope not though, because I think that I have a much better outlook on life because of that “moment”. I am sure that some of you have had your “moments” too. All I can say is that I have no doubt that there is more. What it is all about will just have to wait for now.

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