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My Goal

I wrote this book two years ago and I believe in it completely. I have made more than a few unsuccessful attempts to secure a literary agency to promote my book to a publishing house. What I have decided is that it doesn't have anything to do with how good a book I have written, but it is about the number of "eyes" that would buy my book because I am an unproven commodity. I, like you haven't stepped up and been given their 15 minutes in the spotlight yet. I want to change that by sending this out via e-mail, and Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ and anything else that you can think of. This is where you come in...; what I am asking of you my friends, family and acquaintances is to forward this site and to share it and tweet about it if you think that I am right and this is worthy of publishing. If you like the few excerpts from this book that are on the following pages, then leave a comment on my guest book page, and ask your friends and acquaintances to visit this site and do the same. It is the concept of six degrees of separation.
The actual book is over 38,000 words long, so this is only a fraction of the book. I will be overhauling the content in the next month or so. My website has been active for almost a year now and some of the passages may be swapped out for new excerpts from the book.Tell me if you want to hear more. Stop by my fan page on Facebook and give me a like and see what I've posted. Come follow me on Twitter. It's always a pleasure to meet positive people. Guest book comments are always appreciated and it's easy to do. I am also on Google+ if you are so inclined.Thank you in advance for taking the time to visit my site and spreading the word.
Warmest Regards,
Bonnie Hake


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