Things I Figured Out While I Was Walking The Dog



            It was just the other day, around the corner and down the street, when I was walking my dog Nikolaus. We were out for our morning mile and a half walk. With forty five minutes ahead of me, my mind wandered as we intermittently surged forward and stopped frequently to sniff.

            It occurred to me that the human condition is all around us and the basics of what you see on a dog walk are applicable in a broader sense to some of the bigger issues that play out in our personal lives, as well as the ones that shape our world. So I started to pay attention and write down the analogies and parallels that I came across on my daily walks. The surprising thing was just how many that I’ve managed to come up with in the last month.

            What I like most about the dog walk is that it gives me the opportunity to get out there and slow down. You can power walk later, this is sniffing time; this is the perimeter check. Stop running for a few minutes, think about your day, your life, your goals, your to do lists and realize that you miss a lot driving by in the car. Get out there on foot and exercise your mind. This is the time to ask yourself when your neighbor changed the color of their house, or what you are going to do to improve your life. Yes, it is true; we miss a lot “driving by”. So, no excuses, put on your sneakers, grab a leash and let’s go for a “walk”.

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