Things I Figured Out While I Was Walking The Dog



            There is a wealth of information out there at our fingertips. Most of us barely graze the surface. Like the guy who keeps a pristine lawn, but won’t go six inches off his grass into the street to pick up broken glass in front of his house, we all need to move outside our comfort zone, and look around us. Stop looking at what is in it for me and see that while a minor contribution, like sweeping up broken glass in the street, might not keep us from getting hurt, it might help someone else. Who knows, the universe might respond by having the guy, whose dog pooped on the sidewalk, pick it up and you, yes you, might not step in it later.

Widen your comfort zone, don’t just read the headlines, turn the page, step off your curb. We all need to see what lies behind the story and ask why. I’ve always thought that some of the most newsworthy stories were buried somewhere next to an ad for a tanning salon or something equally ridiculous on page 16 to 24 of the front section. Some of these stories I’ve saved, some I’ll never forget. In an age where we only graze the surface, be the guy who picks up the broken glass in the street, ask questions, dig deeper, and if you find something, share it. What if instead of saying something silly on Twitter or Facebook about how you are in a pink mood today, or that you think that you’ll have tuna salad for lunch, you told everyone to check out the web  page that you just read and why you think that it’s important. Maybe nobody will care, maybe they’ll think that you are out there in left field, or maybe they will say: “Hey, he’s right, and what is that all about?” Maybe sharing the story with others will make a difference. Don’t just talk about people and events, discuss ideas. The media is making it easier and easier for us to sound bite ourselves into meaningless phrases that mean very little. If nobody steps off their proverbial curb, pages 16 to 24 will all but disappear.

Now, the electronic age has many positives to it. I have learned more and researched better via computer than I did when I just read the newspaper every day. There are so many answers at our fingertips. The problem isn’t the volume of information available; that is a huge plus. The problem is the lazy researchers of the world.  I am a big proponent of having six or more sources of information. You can’t go wrong with over researching, just like there is nothing wrong with picking up garbage in the street a few doors up or down from your home. We all need to take in the big picture. I guarantee you that you will find among all that information, at least one site or book that you can prove have the wrong dates, length of term or some other error. What if that was your only point of reference? Then your information would be wrong and you would be making a bad decision based on your invalid evidence. We all need to look around us, step out of our comfort zones and take in the bigger picture. The better informed that we are, the better decisions we will make.

We just had an election year. The Super Pacs were saying all the negative things that the candidates could not. That doesn’t mean that the candidates don’t want it said, it just means that legally the Super Pacs can say whatever they want and there isn’t necessarily a lot of truth behind it. Don’t believe everything they say. Look around you, do your own research. Trust me; they would love for you to just take it at face value. At the end of the day though, if we all just blindly believe the one thing that we’ve heard and vote our conscience based on misdirection, who will be running your local, state and federal offices tomorrow? What is the real agenda? I guarantee you; it isn’t about making your life better. It’s about them and the people who invested all that money to say whatever needed to be said to make John and Jane Q. Public elect them and not the other guy. Don’t forget, if we stay fractionalized and forget to step off the curb, we will just be getting further and further away from what made us the land of opportunity, the greatest nation in the world.

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