Things I Figured Out While I Was Walking The Dog

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Things I Figured Out While I Was Walking The Dog is a book about taking stock of your life. The dog walk is an allegory for slowing down and taking the time to examine your life. I use stories and humorous anecdotes to take the reader on a journey of self-discovery. It is an easily read story that paints pictures to exemplify the bigger picture of systematically reorganizing your life, much like the overstuffed filing cabinet or closet in your home. It is a must read for anyone who is overwhelmed, disheartened or at a loss as to how they can succeed. Let me show you how to examine your life and remove that which weighs you down. Once you have opened your mind to the possibilities, then you can help to reshape the world in a more positive direction. We have all steered off course and need to correct our direction before we veer too far from where we as a society meant to go.



Who is my audience?

My intended audience is the overburdened middle class of America and the world. The people who shake their heads as someone cuts in front of them or wonders if they can hold on a little longer. It is a book for the underemployed of our generation, who long for the chance to get back on steady financial ground. While I offer hope, it isn’t the kind of hope that is unobtainable. The suggestions that I make throughout this book are very doable and my upbeat approach is meant to amuse you as you consider the real possibilities of improving your mood and circumstances.




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