Things I Figured Out While I Was Walking The Dog



            Go out for a walk and think about how separate we all have become. When something horrible happens, the news teams go out and interview the neighbors and nobody really knows anything about anybody. With technology we go faster; we gain much, but miss more. We all live in our own little worlds, fractionalized and separating more and more. That isn’t the way it used to be.

            Harry S. Morgan wrote a book that I highly recommend called The Birth of the Republic.

It is a real page turner, about a group of people who had had enough, and started a revolution that made us what we were and could be again. This country would never have materialized and our lives would be vastly different if not for everyone working toward the one common goal of getting out from under Britain’s taxes.  I am not advocating the overthrow of our government in this instance, but I am suggesting that we need to get together with positive goals and take back our country and the world in general.   

            The great thing about what we used to be was that we came together from diverse backgrounds with a desire to be free to pursue our own religions and beliefs, and this grew until we united to be a nation of one. Somewhere along the way we lost our bearings. We started apologizing for past mistakes and ended up acknowledging every group of individuals, separately and with required reverence. Suddenly by the mid 1990’s, politically correct became a joke, no toes were to be stepped on and no group was to be overlooked. We stopped caring that we were splintering from “us” into many “thems”. We became self-involved and splintered, and America’s melting pot disappeared. Like kids who think that the other sibling is getting all the good stuff, each group clamored for their share of the attention.  We started to spoil each and every group. Now everyone has their own culture and the languages proliferate. Somewhere along the way, we forgot what had made us great. We forgot that we were the “united” states; that united we stood, and that by separating ourselves, we were making it easy for us to be divided and conquered. This division and conquering can come from within or without, either way; we are much the less for the division. We need to unite and be one first. We need to celebrate our differences, but we need to remember that as citizens of these United States, we are one first.

            Now, our cultural diversity is one cause of the splintering of America, but the media plays another equally important role in the dissolution of America. While we have homogenized radio to a point that the only way to get yourself out there is on the internet, the  expanded satellite and cable television options have us all globally frozen in our own little fractionalized spheres of interest. Your cyber and digital television footprints are tracked and marketing groups busily strategize the best ways to keep you coming back for more. Suddenly, marketing teams see the chance to “boutique” us into trendy little groups. Everyone decided that individuals needed to be celebrated, new marketing lines were drawn and business boomed. We became hooked on our little groups, our individuality, our favorite web spots, and our favorite television channels. We put our proverbial thumbs in our mouths, squeezed our blankies and stuffed bunnies and demanded that we be special too. Now, I don’t know about you, but I am tired of everyone thinking that they are special. Yes, I can be childish at moments and say that I want to be special too, but all this selfish individuality is blinding us to our loss of unity. The saying “United we stand, divided we fall.” is still applicable.

            Fractionalized, we have no voice, we have no strength. We have become disinterested, disenfranchised people. We need to reunite and join together as a united group; the group of people that made us the greatest nation on earth. We need to put down the electronics and the remotes and take a walk. Speak to our neighbors, stretch our legs and remember that everything that makes us great is when we come together, not when we drive a wedge in between ourselves.
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