Things I Figured Out While I Was Walking The Dog

Barely Hanging On...

Barely Hanging On the Bumper

            I do walk the dog twice as far in the morning as I do at night, but some walks are night walks. A few years ago I noticed that it was Friday night as I passed a neighbor’s house. It was just a random thought in passing. A week later as I passed their house, it occurred to me that it was Friday night again. From this little set of observations was born a Friday night tradition that I have been unable to shake. It isn’t one I think about, it just comes to mind on one or the other of my night time walks each Friday night. Years have come and gone, and I must say that time is truly racing by me.

            On some of these Friday nights, I’ve thought about sick friends, and then thought about their passing and then realized that it has been almost a year since they died. I’ve thought about projects that I have masochistically assigned myself and hoped that I was up to the challenge; and then I’ve complimented myself on a job well done, eventually. I’ve nursed sick children and hoped that they would be better soon. I’ve thought about the long school year ahead and celebrated the beginning of summer vacation. Christmas has come and gone, as have all the other holidays; everything spinning faster and faster.

            I’ve also seen friends and acquaintances and thought how they’ve aged since I’ve last seen them; and then I’ve looked in the mirror at myself. Time flies, not just when we’re having fun; it just flies by.  All of this leaves me, and I’m sure a lot of you feeling, as I do, that we are holding on for dear life, trying to keep up, or as my husband used to say, “barely hanging on the bumper”.

            I like that analogy, “barely hanging on the bumper”. Can’t you see it? There you are, fingers gripping the bumper as the car speeds along, your legs stretched out behind you, sailing along, praying that you don’t let go. In my vision I always have a bumpy ride, just I guess my mind’s way of complaining about the fast pace of the world. In my vision I don’t let go, and I hope that you don’t either, although I must say that holding on will do nothing for your manicure.

            So, what does all this mean? Well, for one, I think it means that we all have too much on our proverbial plates. What happened to portion control? Can we ask for a dieter’s platter? If you figure that out, please call me, I want one too. It could mean that somebody hit the fast forward button and lost the remote. “Ha! Ha!” you say; well in a way we did.

            Life has become increasingly complicated with technological advances. Look at electricity, it meant that we could have equipment and get our chores done faster and stay up later, because there was abundant light. Uh oh! Guess what? Industrious folks that we are, we decided since we were done sooner, we could add a couple extra “to dos” to the list. Soon enough, we decided that it would just be easier to carry the load if we had a bigger “plate”. We started serving ourselves bigger and bigger tasks, and like a compulsive eater, we became “overweight”!

            Quick, let’s go on a “life diet”. Not so fast! This is a slippery slope. Once you have yourself booked solid and you are flying along, maybe at this point only grasping the bumper with a few fingers on one hand, you can’t just tell the driver to stop the car and you’ll walk it from here. So, what can you do? Well, maybe this isn’t my strongest area. I’m a repeat offender at the “buffet of life”. I’m always throwing another project on my back and going out for a run, like a soldier in basic training. No, there isn’t an emergency brake, but that is a good thought. Sorry to tell you, I don’t have an answer to this one.

            Here is what I do know. I know that we need to try to set a nice goal once in a while as an inducement to keep ourselves from flying off the bumper and needing to be scraped off the pavement. We need to look forward to the weekend, or a book, or half an hour in a comfortable chair with a Sudoku puzzle. It doesn’t have to be a vacation with four star accommodations. You can look forward to a trip to the beach and the pool, I know that I do. You can sleep in, that’s right, on your next day off, turn off your alarm. You could even be crazy and pick a day where you do nothing, like “The Lazy Song” by Bruno Mars, maybe just skip the giant dancing apes.

            I know, I know, easier said than done. Trust me; I am a guilty girl when it comes to projects and “…what else do I need to do?” I thrive on busy and busy feeds on me, sapping my energy and leaving me exhausted. Slow down, I promise that I’ll try, if you will too.

            So, life is flying by and we are probably partially guilty of making it go even faster on occasion. Maybe we need to take a good look in the mirror and ask ourselves if some of our stress isn’t reducible. Yes, I know that a lot isn’t, but it couldn’t hurt to review the to dos and make sure we didn’t toss a few too many on our proverbial plates. Maybe it won’t be the big diet; but maybe we could start by counting our “to do calories”.

            Now, I’ll expect a full report by next Friday night, or the one after that. Don’t forget to give it a try and get back to me. In the meantime, I’m looking for the fountain of youth, I’ve seen some people around who definitely must have been there and I’m going to track them down and try and talk them into letting me go with them on their next visit.

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